Actors for Squeak Smalltalk

Smalltalk Balloon (by Bert Freudenberg) The Smalltalk-80 concurrency model is, at heart, threads with mutable shared state plus locks, semaphores, mutexes and so on.

This library adds an Erlang-style Actor model to Squeak.

The following code snippet creates an actor, and invokes one of its methods via synchronous (Promise-based) RPC:

h := HelloWorldActor spawn.
(h greet: 'Actor world') wait. "produces 'Hello, Actor world!'"


  1. Download a recent Squeak image and VM.
  2. Update to at least trunk update number 17768.
  3. (Installer squeaksource project: 'Actors') install: 'ConfigurationOfActors'
  4. (optional) Run the tests in package Actors-Tests.