To install the package, you will need a recent Squeak. I have been using the 6.0-alpha trunk series: that is, the bleeding edge.


  1. Download a recent Squeak image and VM.
  2. Update to at least trunk update number 17768.
  3. (Installer squeaksource project: 'Actors') install: 'ConfigurationOfActors'
  4. (optional) Run the tests in package Actors-Tests.

Detailed instructions

Download Squeak

Download a recent 6.0-alpha trunk image and VM for your platform.

Update Squeak

Update your image. Execute the following in a workspace:

MCMcmUpdater updateFromServer

Alternatively, click the Squeak icon in the top left of the window, and choose “Update Squeak”:

Squeak update menu item

As of this writing, my updated image is at update number 17768. This includes all the Kernel changes necessary for supporting the Actors package.

Install the Actors package

Execute the following in a workspace

(Installer squeaksource project: 'Actors') install: 'ConfigurationOfActors'

Generally, the ConfigurationOfActors package is the latest release of the package. After it has been loaded, you can optionally update to the latest development version with

"Optional step: update to the latest development version."
(Installer squeaksource project: 'Actors') install: 'Actors'